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Can I upload mods?

Mods can be installed in the Professional package after the forge engine installation. To learn more about how to install this engine, go to the Customer Service tab after logging into your Enderchest account.

What does a unique IP address mean?

A unique IP address is an address that you will be the only owner until it is paid for. This is the address with the default (25565) port.

Are the servers running with non-premium?

Our servers work fine with non-premium accounts.

Can I install plugins?

Plugins can be installed in the Starter and Professional packages.

Can I upload / download the map / server files?

All files, including the map, can be downloaded and uploaded to the server via FTP.

Can I set my own server address?

To set your server address like you need to purchase a domain on web hosting. When you own such a domain, you need to redirect its DNS to the IP address of your server. To get more information, contact the customer service department of the company from which you purchased the domain.

Do the servers run 24/7?

When enabled, the server runs all the time. It is stopped only if its owner disables it, or it crashes due to misconfiguration.

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