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New Minecraft server hosting
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Minecraft servers - Java Edition

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For players

Don't waste your time for configuration. Have more fun for gameplay with your friends.

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For novice creators of Minecraft servers

The best way to start your adventure as a minecraft server administrator.

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For advanced creators of Minecraft servers

Package for advanced gamers. More configuration options, more players online and more fun for you and your friends.

Minecraft servers - Pocket Edition

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For players. Version for Win 10, iOS, Android

The offer is addressed to players using Minecraft on the windows 10, iOS or android version.

What is enderchest?
How does it work?

Every online game requires a server, which configuration and running is very difficult or even impossible on private computers. It's due to the limitations of their power and home internet speed. To provide the highest level of gameplay, it is necessary to use the best equipment available on the market and a stable, super-fast internet connection. Of course, there is also a high-level protection needed in case of network attacks


How to run the Minecraft server?

  1. Register account
  2. Top up the virtual wallet
  3. Choose the server package
  4. Customize the parameters
  5. Buy and play!

All servers in Enderchest have dedicated websites.

Just activate it in the server panel. There are many options that are quite sufficient to run your own website. The websites are also integrated with mclista.pl which significantly helps in obtaining diamonds that affect the popularity of your server.

Customers opinions

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Hosting worthy of recomendation


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Hosting is cool, I always buy server on it


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Build your own world

You're opening your eyes and you realize that you are on a desert island. What do you think you will start with? Test yourself and become a builder. Create your own world or imitate the buildings around you on the minecraft server from the begining.
Learn the basics of crafting and build your own National Stadium with your friends, the Golden Gate Bridge or build a monument to your favorite cartoon character.

Minecraft is not only building, but also fighting. Make a team and defend your territory against attacks or occupy other grounds. Solid armor and proper weapons of your army is the receipt for victory.